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SEO Specialist is a search engine optimization powerhouse with over 5 years practical SEO experience. All strategies that we use have been tried, tested, refined and perfected over the years. We do not practice guesswork SEO, we test every element to ensure that your site is optimized for keywords that convert website visitors into actual leads and buying customers.

We use Google Adwords as a research tool to inform organic search. Google Adwords enables us to test various landing pages, measure keyword performance as well as test different offers, making it easy for us to put together an effective online marketing strategy. The search terms report provides valuable data that we use to create a content strategy.

As your #1 SEO Company, we are opting for a performance based SEO model, you pay only for results. Nominal setup fee to get started. Call us on 011 051 3109 / 062 216 2145 Today!