Google Adwords Account / Site Suspended Solutions - Unsuspend Google Adwords Account, Fix a Google Adwords Suspended Account, Fix a Suspended Site and Disapproved Ads

A suspended site in Google Adwords, refers to a status given to keywords or Ads whose destination URL violates Google Adwords Policies. Ads and keywords can be marked as "disapproved" and stopped from running if they link to a landing page that violates one or more of Google Adwords advertising policies. To find out which policy your site doesn't follow, look at the "Status" column in Ads.

Why Is My Google Adwords Account Suspended?

A Google Adwords account will be suspended if it violates the Google Adwords Advertising Policies.

Common Google Adwords Account Suspension Reasons:

  • If you repeatadly violate Google Adwords Advertising Policies
  • When you violate the Google Advertising Policies in a big way, putting the users at risk.
  • When you don't successfully submit payment for your Google Adwords advertising costs.
  • If your account appears to be closely related to an already suspended account.

We Will Help You Fix Your Site / Google Adwords Account That Has Been Suspended By Google Due To Site Policy, Malware, Landing Page Policy and Much More!

How We Fix a Suspended Google Adwords Account

  1. We link your Adwords Account to our MCC Account.
  2. An investigation then takes place to determine the cause of the google adwords suspension. We will fix all issues and make sure the site complies withGoogle Advertising Policies.
  3. We then contact the Google Adwords Support team to unsuspend your Google Adwords site / account.
  4. Google Adwords Account will then be unsuspended and your Ads will start running again.
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